Our First Production - Raabdta in Bay Area, California

The discovery of an unknown yet strong connection. With home... With homeland... Of Nostalgic traditions and Kaleidoscopic Culture. Based on a true story, epitomized through an odyssey of Bhava, Mudra and RaS.

6 months of hard work made Bay Area Creative Dance Academy's launch production a big success. We are very happy to be able to deliver what we promised. A high production value show that will make you leave the auditorium with a smile and feeling of fulfillment. We are humbled and indebted to all the support we have received from individuals, sponsors in form of booth, banner and food trucks.

Our media partners Radio Zindagi and Women's Now TV has showered us with unconditional support so we can do a very meaningful support to jeena.org the cause for our show. We are thankful to organizations who helped us reach out to more people through their networks.

We also sincerely thank all of you who have purchased tickets and has come to watch our show. A portion of all tickets purchased is also donated to jeena.org.

Thank you Prithiraj Banerjee and Anirban Chakraborty for being a Bronze sponsor. The list was printed before your donation came in.

Our committment this year...

A portion of the proceeds this year will be used to support Jeena, an organization dedicated to to improving the quality of life of those who have special needs.