Bay Area Creative Dance Dancers Academy (BACDA) is planning Mega Opening Ceremony of Banga Mela 2023 under the guidance of Mallika Sarabhai on 28th July 2023!

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The Team that brought you PM Narendra Modi's inaugural opening event, NABC 2009, Kala Mahotsav, NABC 2017, Raabdta, Bangamela 2019, Bodhyaon, Ehsaas is getting for a new production in 2023. Starting with two amazing workshops with Tanushree Shankar and Mallika Sarabhai.

Bay Area Creative dance company( BACDA) is planning a mega opening ceremony under the guidance of Mallika sarabhai. This will be staged on 28th July 2023. BACDA is inviting all dance enthusiasts to come join and be part of this mega dance production.

If interested pls reach out to Urmi Dutta or contact us at:

Dance Workshop with Tanusree Shankar in Bay Area, California

Workshop with the one and only- Tanusree Shankar- Returns to the Bay Area - Feb 2023. This is a chance of a lifetime . Tanushree Shankar needs no introduction. She is the choreographer and the chief inspiration of the troupe bearing her name.

To know more about TSDC:

To know more details or to enroll, contact:

  • 1. Ishita Sinha
  • 2. Dalia Chatterjee Sen

Dance Workshop with Mallika Sarabhai in Bay Area, California

BACDA is proud to host a workshop with none other than Mallika Sarabhai winner of Padma Bhushan award in April 2023. She will be hosting 2 workshops one will be contemporary dance form and the other will be geared towards Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi stle of dance. If interested to be part of either or both of the workshops

To know more about Mallika Sarabhai-

To know more details or to enroll, contact:
  • 1. Urmi Dutta
  • 2. Dalia Chatterjee Sen